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Activities around Halle Westfalen

Golf and bed

You want to get from your hotel convenient to the golf course? The hotel green forest in Halle Westfalen is Teutoburg Forest in the immediate vicinity of the Golf Club. Within walking distance you are in a few minutes on the golf course. With our arrangements we have facilitated the selection for you. See for yourself:

Cycling in the Teutoburg Forest

The most promising cycling experience on the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest . Start Here extends Hermannsweg of Rheine in Münsterland to the Lippische Leopoldstal. Weather permitting, you have an unexpected distant view into to the Osnabrück region on the side facing to the north side and on the south side to the Münsterland . Although the Hermannsweg operating only in small sections: worth it. This nerrliche vision verüßt you the hardships of the increase from Hermannsweg to 220 meters. For a small breather can be the beautiful view of the Linde Halle (Westfalen) enjoy.

If you drive on the Hermannsweg direction Steinhagen, you will arrive at the old burial grounds over. Here, wealthy citizens in the 19th century who bury. Today 34 grave stones can be seen. On the information board along the way the historical background are explained. On this "history trail coffee grinder" you will come to a tower over, who has given the path his name. The tower looks like a large coffee grinder. Here, too, will tell you the information panel the historical background.

Motorcycle hotel in the Teutoburg Forest

And in the evening you will return to your motorcycle Hotel Green woods and relax on the terrace in the evening sun with a delicious rump steak with herb butter and a colorful mixed salad For this, a dunkeles draft beer. My bike is parked meanwhile safe in a locked garage. Wet motorcycle suits, you can hang it up to dry in unsem boiler room. So: Get on's Bike and down to Halle (Westfalen). So that you can say again "Man, that was a great day!"

Box and bed

Ein Urlaub mit dem Pferd

Urlaub, eine Zeit in der man genießt. In der man Ruhe und Glück erleben möchte. Wunderschöne Natur und die idyllische Landschaft rund um Halle (Westf.) warten darauf von Ihnen erkundet zu werden.


Halle (Westfalen)

Halle (Westfalen) was mentioned in 1246 for the first time in history. 1719 Halle (Westfalen) belongs to the county Ravensberg. Between 1816 and 1972, Halle (Westfalen) is a county seat of county Halle (Westfalen). Since 1972, the city belongs to the district Gütersloh. The city has around 21,000 inhabitants.

The well-preserved half-timbered houses from the Middle Ages until today reflect the historical significance of the city. In addition to many medium-sized companies Halle (Westfalen) home with Gerry Weber and August Stork (eg butterscotch "Werther's Original", formerly "Werther's Original"), two internationally renowned large companies.

With its variety of linden trees called Halle (Westfalen), the "Linde City". Visit once the Linde square next to the tranquil churchyard at St. John's Church. Or why not book a city tour and make yourself a picture of the historic city center.

In the heart of the Hall Haller Willem testifies monument from Fuhrmann Wilhelm Stuke Meier, who was about 1880 a day with a horse cart from Halle to Bielefeld and back on the road. He took goods and persons on the way along the Teutoburg Forest.

Downtown: 1.6 km away.


"Coffee grinder"

The observation tower "coffee grinder" is located in the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park at the long-distance path "Hermannsweg" your name has the "coffee grinder" by the octagonal shape and its builders, the Bremen coffee merchants Hermann Hagedorn. From here you have in good weather a magnificent view to Münster in the Münsterland Plain. Around the observation tower Hermann Hagedorn put to a park. From this park today, the chestnut avenue along the Apothekerstraße is just left. Guided tours around the "coffee grinder" are available at the municipality Halle (Westf.).

0,9 km away.         Get more informations...


Castle Ravensberg

With the construction of the castle Rave mountain was probably started in the 1075th Is documented the castle for the first time in the year 1141. The castle is located at the pass by the Teutoburg Forest in Borgholzhausen. As a fortified hilltop castle was defended during the Middle Ages from here the pass. As the oldest seat of the Counts Rave mountain castle was one of four hill forts along the Teutoburg Forest. The other three castles are the Sparrenburg in Bielefeld, the castle and Limberg Burg Vlotho. From April to October you can attend on Sundays and holidays without booking guided tours of the castle. The tour lasts about 45 minutes. (Guided tours of larger groups please with reservation: 0 54 25-933544 or email:


6,2 km away.         More inforamtions available here

Castle Tatenhausen

The water lock Tatenhausen (Hoberg) is a lock system in the stem of the Weserrenaissance. It was over 450 years the headquarters of the barons and earls von Korff called Schmising. The family is originally from the castle Harkotten at Füchtdorf. Today, the castle is still inhabited by the descendants of the family. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful landscape park, which invites you to contemplative walking. For a private tour shows you Baroness Birgit Teuffel of Birkensee (or family member), the castle courtyards, parks, chapel and orangery.

The Orangerie Designed by Baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun, who also built the castle in Münster and the castle of Annette von Droste Hülshoff (Schoenebeck 6, 48329 Havixbeck, near Munster).

Contact: Baroness Birgit Teuffel of Birkensee, Schlossweg 2, 33790 Halle, Tel .: 05201 to 3224 (Westphalia.)

5,2 km away.          More information is available here.


Watercastle Holtfeld

The moated castle Holtfeld is a umgräftetes mansion. It has been documented that first mentioned in 1350 as the seat of the family Heltfeld. In 1936 it became the property of Count Korff-Schmising to Tatenhausen over until they sold it in the year 1990th The mansion is a rectangular Renaissance square corner tower and magnificent volute gables. It has two gatehouses in Vorburgbereich. The outer Gatehouse housed the two-storey tower guard.

6,4 km away.          More information is available here.

Farmhouse Museum Bielefeld

In Farmhouse Museum Bielefeld You can learn about rural life in the 1850s in the region. The main house courtyard Möllering is also the center of the farmhouse museum. It was built in Rödinghausen in Frets 1590th In 1974, the farm was dismantled in Rödinghausen and stored in the open air museum Detmold between. 1998 it was rebuilt at its present location. Hof Möllering is just be reporting, as was customary at the time. Around the courtyard Möllering there are a bakery, a Spieker, an apiary, the windmill and another farm buildings.

In the buildings you how was using the tools of that time worked in the 1850s and what Costumes were worn. (Bauernhausmuseum Bielefeld, mandrel Str. 82 33619 Bielefeld)

14,6 km away.          More information is available here.


Sparrenburg Bielefeld

Sparrenburg Castle was probably built between the years 1240 and 1250 by the Count of Ravensburg. The Sparrenburg was first mentioned 1256th She was often besieged but never stormed. The name of the castle is derived from the coat of arms picture of the Counts of Ravensberg, the rafters. A trip to the Sparrenburg loht every season. From here you have a view of the city of Bielefeld and with good visibility to the surrounding area. The castle grounds are accessible all year round; access the castle grounds is free.

The tower and the information center are open daily from April to October. From November to March only Saturday, Sunday and public holidays is open. In these times you can climb the 37-meter tower about 120 steps. Top of the climb is rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view. There are 300 meter long underground passages, the casemates under the castle. How foreshadow the dunkelen dungeons and light and air shafts, the soldiers who have defended the castle and town, at that time lived here. The casemates are also accessible by guided tour during opening times.

15,3 km away.          More information is available here.

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